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Learn about the way the Spanish Victory Cup works

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Please find below all tournament information pertaining to the Spanish Victory Cup, if your team has any queries please contact Team Tours Direct Ltd. We look forward to welcoming you to this popular tournament.

All participants, supporters & club officials are asked to pay particular notice to the following guidelines set out with regard to behaviour, attitude, encouragement and respect while in attendance at the Spanish Victory Cup.

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    Tournament Structure
    Teams are divided in the early stages of the event into groups where they play off in a pool stage against those teams drawn in their respected group. Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. 

    If two or more teams have the same number of points, the order will be decided as follows: 
    • Results of match between teams with equal points.
    • Most goals scored.
    • Teams with the least number of goals conceded
    • If teams are still tied then progression will be decided by disciplinary (red/yellow cards).
    • Or further still by the toss of a coin (At Tournament Committee's Discretion)

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    Team Size
    Your squad size is not restricted for the tournament, but you may not make more than seven substitutions.

    Team Sizes:
    Under 9 up to Under 11's -    7 v 7
    Under 12's and over -   11 v 11

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    Extra Nights
    For those looking to attend their stay, this can be arranged easily to suit your needs. Many teams extend their stays in order to partake in other activities and excursions. We have a number of flexible packages to ensure you have a tour to remember.

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    For teams reaching the finals, there will be Medals and the highly prized Spanish International Super Cup for the winners.

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    The tournament is played using Fifa or RFEF rules. 

    Arrival for competing teams at tournament site must be 30 minutes before the start of their match and be at the pitch ready to play 15 minutes before kickoff.

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    Knockout Stages
    During the knockout stage of the tournament all teams revert back to equal status, with the exception of any bans, which run into the knockout stages.

    All knock out games will be decided by the team who scores the most goals in the match.

    If there is still a tie at the end of normal time then extra time will be played. If there is still a tie then the match will be decide by penalty kicks. Each team will take 5 penalties each; if there is still a tie then sudden death will apply.