Women in Football

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are taking a look back into the surprisingly long history of women’s football. During the 1890’s, there were a number of women’s football clubs, with one reported to have attracted 10,000 people to the game.  The famous Dick Kerr’s Ladies form...

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Here Come the Girls!

Since the first Women’s Rugby World Cup in 1991, women’s and girl’s rugby has increased dramatically in popularity. It is the fastest growing sport in the world at the moment with close to 500,000 more players a year over the last few years. By 2026, 40% of rugby players worldwide will be f...

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A Platform to the Stars

We’ve seen many famous faces at Team Tours Direct tournaments over the last 20 years. From players scouted at TTD tournaments that have gone on to have successful careers, to famous people that have attended our events.

The English and Welsh International Super Cup attracts many English...

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The Benefits of Rugby Festivals

Benefits of Rugby Festivals

Rugby is as popular now as it’s always been. An extremely social sport, it brings together players from all backgrounds and teaches them the benefits of teamwork and respect for opposition teams. There aren’t many sports that see teams tak...

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The true cost of setting up a grassroots football team

Whilst tournaments are a great way to test your ability, experience different play styles from opponents and showcase your skills in front of scouts, taking part requires one key element, a team.

Many players take the route of joining a club that’s already established, they’re given ki...

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International Development Tournaments

Young footballers are being given a fantastic development opportunity to compete against teams from around the world at Team Tours Direct football tournaments. The tournaments are a c...

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